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Decks & Porches Maintenance

Decks & Porches Maintenance

The deck maintenance process involves a few actions from your part.

You need to make sure that you inspect your deck once a year, and if you find any loose boards of protruding nails that need repair make sure you contact us and we will take care of all the repairs for you.

Cleaning the deck is also part of the maintenance process.

There is the light cleaning that you can do yourself by sweeping and cleaning all the debris that was collected from late autumn until the next spring.

We can also help you with the cleaning of the build in, cleaning with the power washer for a deeper cleaning and refreshing of your deck.

Decks Repair Chicago offers all the maintenance services at low prices, including the sealant application.

We use the best oil based formulas that will not stain the wood and will leave an even coat of sealant on the whole deck.

Our personal is highly trained in applying any type of sealant.

The products that we use also contain ultraviolet sunlight protection to reduce the damaging effects of the sun.