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Maintenance Decks & Porches

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Decks & Porches Maintenance


How important is the deck maintenance?

We believe that proper maintenance gives a deck a longer life not to mention that it keeps it looking brand new for longer. Any deck, porch or patio, is exposed to the elements all year round, and without the proper actions, the weather will definitely take a toll on them. That can translate, over time, in more money spent on repairs, more time invested in looking for the proper company to restore your deck ton its initial state, and of course, less time spent actually enjoying the outdoors. Improper maintenance can also be, dangerous at times, as wood boards and handrailings can become loose and that can affect your safety and well-being.

What does the deck maintenance imply?

The deck maintenance process involves a few actions on your part. You need to make sure that you inspect your deck once a year, and if you find any loose boards of protruding nails that need repair make sure you contact us and we will take care of all the repairs for you. Cleaning the deck is also part of the maintenance process. There is the light cleaning that you can do yourself by sweeping and cleaning all the debris that was collected from late autumn until the next spring. We can also help you with the cleaning of the build in, cleaning with the power washer for a deeper cleaning and refreshing of your deck. Decks Repair Chicago offers all the maintenance services at low prices, including the sealant application. We use the best oil-based formulas that will not stain the wood and will leave an even coat of sealant on the whole deck. Our personnel is highly trained in applying any type of sealant. The products that we use also contain ultraviolet sunlight protection to reduce the damaging effects of the sun.

Do you offer deck power pressure washing?

Decks Repair Chicago offers power pressure washing for all types of porches. We use the best cleaning equipment. You just have to call us and schedule an appointment. We take care of your deck in no time so you can enjoy the outdoors as soon as possible. We offer cleaning services for wooden decks, composite decks and also for vinyl decking. Once you set up your appointment you can sit back, relax and let us do all the work. Our team of experts will come to your home, remove everything from the deck and start doing wonders.

How often do you recommend this type of cleaning?

The power pressure washing of the deck is recommended to be done at least one time a year in early spring, before using the deck. This type of cleaning will help remove all the dirt and build up from last few months when the deck was not used. This type of cleaning is also recommended because after it’s done, all the repairs that the deck needs will be much easier to detect. Don’t hesitate and trust us with the washing of your deck. After our job is done, you will feel like you have a brand new deck you and your family can enjoy in the upcoming months. No matter how much you clean your deck, even a few months can leave marks. The wood changes color, the space between the boards fills up with dust and debris and regardless of how determined you are to clean it, without a power wash, it will never be really clean.

What maintenance advises you can offer before spring?

With spring just around the corner, your deck will become the most important area of the house. It will be the relaxing spot for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors. To be able to enjoy the outdoors for the next 5-6 months, you need to make sure that your deck is in great condition. Deck Repairs Chicago can take care of all the maintenance and all the repairs needed so you can enjoy your deck area the whole summer. During the winter time, or from one year to another, decks suffer from a variety of problems caused by wear and tear, or even by weather. We take care of any kind of repairs that your deck needs, from cracked wood, loose handrails, or any other part that needs to be fixed or changed. to We will come to your home, examine your deck, and make the necessary repairs to ensure that your deck is ready for the spring and summer seasons. By starting right away, we won't waste your time and we guaranty you that you will be totally satisfied with the results. Don’t hesitate to contact us and have our experts to take a look at your deck right away! The sooner you call us, the sooner you can enjoy the outdoors.

What other maintenance services you offer?

Another maintenance service we at Decks Repair Chicago are specialized in is structure repair. Years of usage can take a toll on your deck and with Chicago weather, the situation can worsen faster. Wood can become loose, cracked or rotten, handrails can become loose, boards can start to become too pliant, support posts can become aged and weak. Regardless of what type of repairs your deck needs, we can fix them all to make sure that your deck will once again be safe, usable and beautiful. All the repairs will be done keeping the design, color and the unified look of your deck, so even if we change some boards, we will restore the others so that nothing looks added or out of place. Refinishing your deck is another maintenance option that you might be interested in. And with the Chicago weather, a treatment of water siling will only be beneficial for your deck. Regardless of what type of maintenance service you might choose, we guarantee you that letting us take care of your deck will only have a positive impact on your life. It will give you more time, save you money and you will have one less worry on your shoulders.