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Roof Top Decks

Roof Top Decks

Decks Repair Chicago is also specialized in roof top decks construction.

Whenever we are asked to build such a deck we start by making sure that the particular roof is strong enough to support an average weight of 55 lbs. per square foot.

If it it, we can make the plans, get all the paperwork and permits ready and start the deck construction. We use a watertight EPMD rubber membrane over the top of the roof deck for protection against water infiltration in place of roofing materials along with “sleepers” or flat 2x6’s laid on their profile every 16” on top of the roof surface.

This will provide the surface for us to attach the decking. We are very careful with all the materials we use and we always make sure that our work and the final construction is made within all the rules and regulations of City of Chicago  so when we finish the job you won’t have to worry about anything than enjoying your outdoor roof top deck.