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Front & Rear

Front & Rear

Decks Repair Chicago is specialized in construction, installation, remodeling of front or rear decks, no matter the material used, wood or steel.

If you need your old deck to be remodeled and brought up to date, if you have a new design in mind, we are here to help you with your plans.

If you are thinking about a new deck, we can help you out with the design and once the plan and the design is approved, we can start working on your new deck.

For all types of decks, we visit the job site to make sure that the design matches the surroundings and that it completes all your family needs.

Once this is all set, we can start work so you will enjoy your deck in days. All the construction we do meets the city rules and regulations so you will not have to worry about passing the inspections once the work is done. We use quality materials to deliver quality work and have all our costumers happy and satisfied with our services.

While the front decks are meant for improving the look of the house and can have little gardens and benches included, the rear decks are the ones adding more space to your home. Even if they are enclosed or opened, they are treated like that extra room that gives you the ability to enjoy the outdoors with your family and friends.