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Deck Enclosures

Which deck version is the best, the open one or the enclosed one?

While any type of deck will give you that extra space and both can add beauty to your home, the enclosed versions are better, especially in Chicago. So if you want to use your deck in the fall and winter too, the enclosed version will definitely fit your needs better. With a gazebo that has screens it will be much easier for you to enjoy the outdoors, never thinking that is too cold or too hot, or even too late and the mosquitos may attack. This will give you the possibility to have a great Christmas or New Year's Eve party without worrying about not having enough space for all your guests. Superbowl night is not the same without a barbeque? No worries. You will not have to spend hours in the cold cooking for all your friends. The enclosed patio or gazebo will keep you warm and cozy.

Do you provide deck enclosure services?

Decks Repair Chicago offers you enclosures services. We can either offer you a system of walls to totally transform your deck into a brand new room, or we can build a fence around. What fits you best. If you choose the sunroom wall system that we offer, you will be able to enjoy your deck area all year round, no matter if it’s windy, it’s raining or is snowing. This is one of the main perks of having an enclosed deck in a city like Chicago, where there can be all four seasons in one week. With an enclosed deck you will not be forced to check the weather whenever you plan to have a party or a barbeque. If you are interested in an enclode deck, please look no further and give us at Decks Repair Chicago the oportunity to deliver top-quality services you will love, in the least amount of time possible.

What types of enclosure systems do you have available?

We all love our decks and would like to use them all year round. The enclosure systems offer us just that. The all glass windows system of enclosure gives you the outdoor feeling without the chilly weather is early spring, the cold rain in the autumn or the snow. Enclosing a deck will also give you extra space. You practically have a new room that you didn’t have before and it’s not even a big investment. Our prices are really competitive and we have a great team of experts that will make sure the job is done exactly the way you expected and that you are satisfied. And above all, having an enclosed deck in Chicago means that you will be able to entertain, have your family over and all your friends, regardless of the weather. While everyone else covers their barbeque until spring, you won't have to worry about the heavy snow. A couple of heaters, some blankets and you can move the party from your living room into your new enclosed deck. We know for a fact that everyone will love it.

Do you offer maintenance services and free quotes for all?

Yes, we can come to your house, look at the deck and give you an estimate of the work that needs to be done.The deck maintenance process involves a few actions on your part. You need to make sure that you inspect your deck once a year, and if you find any loose boards of protruding nails that need repair make sure you contact us and we will take care of all the repairs for you. Decks Repair Chicago offers power pressure washing for all types of porches. We use the best cleaning equipment. We offer cleaning services for wooden decks, composite decks and also for vinyl decking. The power pressure washing of the deck is recommended to be done at least one time a year in early spring, before using the deck. While maintaining your deck is important, maintaining the enclosure should also be a priority. Depending on the type of enclosure you have, the maintenance requirements can be a little different, but cleaning it with the proper solutions is the one that anyone can handle. If your deck enclosure needs professional maintenance, which we recommend at least once a year, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to assist you with all your deck related needs.


How fast can I get a free estimate?

Decks Repair Chicago offers you free estimates for all the services we provide. If you need to repair, rebuild, or do a deep clean of your porch, we can come take a look and we give you a free estimate of how much the materials cost, how much the labor will cost and how long it will take us to finish the job. Estimates are free and there is no cost involved if we send one of our agents to see your porch area and give you an estimate on the work it needs to be done. It only depends on your schedule and when you have time to let one of our staff members to take a closer look at the status of your porch and assess its state. The process will not take long and you can get an estimate the same day. Just give us a call and you will get your free quote, for any type of service we offer, in no time. Estimates are free and there is no cost involved if we send one of our agents to see your porch area and give you an estimate on the work it needs to be done. Please send us your property details and a preferred time so we can schedule accordingly. We will confirm over the email or over the phone the FREE INSPECTION. Click to call  (773) 934-5141 us today and get your free estimate for an enclosed deck that will give you extra room to relax and enjoy weekends outdoors, with your family and friends, while being protected from rain or snow.