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Power Pressure Washing

Power Pressure Washing

Decks Repair Chicago offers power pressure washing for all types of porches.

We use the best cleaning equipment. You just have to call us and schedule an appointment.

We take care of your deck in no time so you can enjoy the outdoors as soon as possible.

We offer cleaning services for wooden decks, composite decks and also for vinyl decking.

The power pressure washing of the deck is recommended to be done at least one time a year in early spring, before using the deck.

This type of cleaning will help remove all the dirt and build up from last few months when the deck was not used.

This type of cleaning is also recommended because after it’s done, all the repairs that the deck needs will be much easier to detect.

Don’t hesitate and trust us with the washing of your deck. After our job is done, you will feel like you have a brand new deck you and your family can enjoy this spring and this summer.