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Design & Build Services

Along with the wood and steel balconies, Decks Repair Chicago is specialized in custom designing, construction and installation of steel or wood.

Porches, like patios and decks, offer extra space to your home, and they are a great way to enjoy the outdoor even if you leave in a few stores high apartment building with no back yard. We design, fabricate and install steel and wooden porches, as well as porch stairs, porch railings, porch awnings and more.

Besides the design and installation of new porches, we can take care of your old ones and make them look like new. If you have problems with just a portion of your porch, we can replace just that portion of your porch so you can use it again.

Your safety is our biggest concern when it comes to restoration but we also take into account the design and we make sure that our replacement work looks like it is part of the original structure. Don’t hesitate to contact our specialist with any questions. We will be more than happy to help you create your dream porch and start enjoying outdoor in no time.